Imperial War Museum London

Spent the day at the IWM London this week. Great sections on WWI and the post WW2 years.

Very moving Holocaust display, left me quite upset tbh. Quite unbelievable the barbarism humans can inflict on other humans.

Fascinating temporary exhibition on Spies, Lies and Deception, some incredible stories I hadn’t heard of before.

Free entry, six quid for a guide book, lunches a bit expensive so would recommend taking a pallet lunch.

All in all a great day out



Great pics- thank you for posting them!


I was in London visiting back in 2013. The IWM had just closed for renovations.
So, determined to find WWII history, I visited RAF Hendon. That one visit removed several airframes (WWI & WWII) from my bucket list.

As for your comment on the Holocaust, #1 reason why I support Israel today.
On all the other atrocities, I am glad we outnumber the sick and twisted.

Support Operation Underground Railroad.

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