In heavy seas - HMS Zinnia 1:350

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this is my first post here in the new forum. I want you to present my previously finished project HMS Zinnia from MIRAGE Hobby in 1:350. This was my first kit from MIRAGE and it was ok aside from a few simplifications (molded bridge windows, searchlight platform etc.). I used the White Ensign Models PE-set for it which was very useful to make more details and the railings. The bow 4 inch main gun received a new turned barrel for better definition, the twin Lewis guns with splinter shields at both sides of the bridge and the stern 2 pdr. Pom Pom gun are from Black Cat Models (outstanding quality!!!) and the few sailors (the lookout man, two guys at the bridge and the Pom Pom crew) who dare to stay outside are from Northstar Models.

Within her quite short service, from 21. March to 23. August 1941, HMS Zinnia conducted a few operations of minesweeping port entrances and safed three castaways from Cape Rodney. Then the ship was integrated in guarding convoy OG-71. There the ship met his fate when german U-564, commanded by the german Ace Reinhard “Teddy” Suhren, shot three torpedos into the convoy and hit two merchants and HMS Zinnia who went down with the loss of 68 seamen off Portugal. 17 souls were saved by the remaining vessels of the escort. HMS Zinnia was the fourth ship of the Flower class corvettes to be sunk during WWII.


Nice. Love the setting

I like it!..nice model overall.

Nice work - it makes me seasick just to look at it!


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Excellent work. Having built some Mirage ship kits I’ve found them somewhat challenging but fun to work on. You’ve done an excellent with their kit and I really like your sea base too.

great work

Amazing work Thomas!

Both the ship and seascape are very nicely done.

Wow, that Diorama looks Great! Love the Details.

Gentlemen, thank you all for your encouraging comments; very appreciated :innocent: