In need of 1 piece tracks from Tamiya M1A2

Im in need of 1 piece tracks from Tamiya’s M1A2 Abrams to replace the trracks in my Rye Field M1A2
and ill be willing to trade the Rye Field set for the Tamiya M1A2 tracks

I cannot help you but I was going to direct you towards the armorama track exchange spreadsheet. However, after I found the url, I tested it and it goes to a dead page. Maybe this iteration of armorama will start a new one?

You might want to check out the track exchange and see if anyone has any of the tracks you’re after.

just checked it goes to a dead p[age

It’s still there: and the spreadsheet link is still active as well.


@kosprueone , great job! Marlow or Holmes would make you his partner.

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A Track Exchnage thread was already brought over from the old page: The Track Exchange

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I only have the M1A1 with Mine Plow kit which look to have different track pad pattern

PM sent.