In need of a full set of M2 Bradley road wheels

I just picked up Dragon’s M270A1 MLRS and after watching a old IPMS video i seen how bad the wheels are and i was wondering if any one has a complete set of road wheels for either Academy’s or Tamiya’s
M2 or M2A2 or M3 or a damaged Bradley that is beyoned repair that they are willing to part with

Hi Nick,
Let me know if you get no luck in getting the plastic replacement parts and would be interested in 3D prints.
Dragon’s M270 road wheels look quite inaccurate but the bad job extends to its drive sprockets and idler wheels. With Bradleys and AAVP-7As, side skirts somewhat hide the sprockets and idlers but with M270’s, they are completely exposed showing all the inaccuracies.

I took some photos to compare different kit offerings and to potentially CAD the whole set b/c I had AAVP-7A1’s sprockets earlier.

First, comparing to Tamiya’s, whose design goes back to 1985 (almost 40 years ago!).

Dragon’s torus shape (donut looking bulge) is out of proportion and the center hub parts are very inaccurate.
Comparing to Meng’s M2A3 parts, which is much newer tooling from 2013 and is more accurate than Tamiya’s.

Reference photos of the real things:

  • Note that the newer Bradleys have a slightly different outer detail on the sprocket.

A CAD screen shot attempting to depict the center hub details better [this is not my work by the way. Google searched.]:

  • None of the kit offerings quite captures the center details.

Moving onto the sprocket, here’s what mine (for AAVP-7A1 so it needs an additional nut and some center detail edit to become the M270’s or Bradley’s version) looks like:

Comparing it to Dragon’s:

Comparing it to Tamiya’s lazy depiction:

Meng’s attempt is a bit better but still not quite right:

Mud hole details are all sort of off in all kit offerings, which I tried to correct in my 3D print:

My prints and CAD:

Reference photos:

Now moving onto the idler wheels, Dragon’s old attempt wasn’t too bad, and I think it’s passable.
Tamiya’s on the left, Meng’s on the top, and Dragon’s on the right bottom.

The real thing reference photo:

I’d say Meng’s looks the best and even the old Tamiya’s is passable.

A CAD depiction to show the correct proportions of mud holes, etc. [this is not my work by the way. Google searched]:

Anyway, in short, I agree that Dragon’s offering can really use some replacement.

Kind regards,

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If you want to spend a few bucks, there are multiple of the much better Orochi M3A3 A sprues (road wheels, sprockets, idlers, shocks and other parts) for sale on eBay. They would have all you need and then some.

I may have some of the Tamiya roadwheels left over as I replaced them. I’ll check later. If so, you can have them for the price of shipping.

If the old Tamiya ones will work for you I’ll send you a whole new set. Shipping is on me. Just paying back to the hobby.

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Yes, there are Orochi offerings, too, and it’s slightly better than Tamiya’s and a bit less accurate than Meng’s in my view:

Road wheels

Sprocket compared to my 3D print and idler:

Of course, I can beat eBay listings price.

At the same time, Rob just made you a great offer if you don’t mind the inaccuracies in Tamiya’s!

I would go with @Petition2God and get his 3D printed wheels and sprockets.

Or go here; for the wheels and sprockets from the Orochi kit (via beaddreamsllc).

Orochi 1/35 M3A3 Bradley CFV #IM-001 Parts A Sprue Tree Wheels Suspension | eBay

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I second that….as I have a bunch of them.

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will the Tamiya wheel fit the dragon kit?
ill send you a pm

See the PM. The wheels were easy to find, the DML kits not so much as they are in the attic, and require the removal of several motorcycles to access. But I’m pretty sure that you can make the wheels work. I’ve got your address. I’ll send them as soon as possible.

Santa’s elves have told me the wheels on the way as of Friday morning.

sorry for the delay i got the wheels thanks agian

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