In need of complete Tamiya M4A3 75mm turret

Im planning to build a early M4A3 with the 56 Deg hull and im in need of the complete 75 mm gun turret form either of tamiyas M4A3 sherman kits and im wondering of anyone has a spare thats in thier spare parts bin that they are willing to part with

Let me check my stash Nick. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

ok cool ty

Is there a particular Tamiya kit number that would fulfill your needs?

either one of the M4A3 turret with the 75mm off hand not sure of the kit number i know one of them was the late production with the stamped wheels and there is the original M4a3

Picture of the box art perhaps??

the turret from either one of these will be fine

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This the only Sherman I have left. You decide if it will work for you, I’ll send it.

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lit me check to see if the the early M4A3 had the oval loaders hatch

I will have to pass on that i already have one of the early M4 on the way from ebay thank you anyway

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When I get home from work I’ll check my stash Nick. Almost positive I have these Sherman’s and I don’t need the turret’s because one is being converted to a Jumbo and the other a Canadian Ram 2

Nick like others I may have what you need. I’d have to check at home. Where are you ? Mike

Hey Nick I have the turret you need. It’s the entirety of sprue C plus the antenna base and spotlight from B. It’s from kit # 35250. It’s yours if you want.

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Oh and the .50 cal parts as well.

Thanks you want anything for the sprue?

No nothing at all sir. I should have it in the mail tomorrow morning.

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well thank you I will you my address

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