In need of one piece tracks for the M4 Sherman

Im in Need of one pice tracks for either Tamiya’s M4A3 Sherman ,Sherman Jumbo or AFV Clubs 1 pieces T49 tracks

We used to have a spreadsheet on the old Armorama site to track (see what I did there?) who had or needed what in terms of tracks. Doesn’t seem like it’s accessible anymore. There were a lot of one-piece tracks available.


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It was tried here also.

Yep, but doesn’t seem to work anymore.


I clicked on it and it says ACCESS DENIED

I have some rubberband tracks but not sure the type. I will look around and let you know this weekend. Hit me up if I haven’t responded by Sunday night.

Hi if the other person can’t help I have T-49 vinyl tracks by Academy. Mike

I have replaced my kit tracks for my Tamiya M4A3 Sherman due to one track having snapped. You are welcome to the one that is still complete. Drop me a note offline.

Pm sent

Hi not sure how to reply direct to you…sorry not that smart. Send a email to me: We can talk more. Mike