In need of T-72 headlights and headlight guards

Im in need of head lights and the head light guards for T-72 for my amusing hobby T-72 one broke and the other went flying off somewhere and im wondering if anyone has them in thier spare parts bin
or has a damaged T-72 that is beyond repair that they are willing to part with
any help will be appreciated

Hi @tanknick22,
Looks like there are a few AM options out there for those missing pieces:

If you are located in the US, I could sell you a 3D printed set I’ve just CADded, which took me 30 mins. to do so. Only did the light guards so far:

Let me know if you don’t get much luck finding plastic replacements.

Kind regards,

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after spending $70 on the Amusing T-72 im not looking to spend another $20 or so on aftermarket lights and headlight guards thats why Im looking for spare parts or a damaged beyond repair T-72

Understood. Well, Nick, if you get no luck getting the plastic spare parts, let me know. I’ll help you out. Just pay for the postage and $1 for resin cost.

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