IN PROCESS! 1/35 ICM Laffly V15T | Armorama™

Got that right! I still can’t believe this. Great news.

I’ve been waiting years for these early war French subjects in plastic. Great to see them finally arrive.

I am puzzled - the driver was sitting on the right side, as British drivers?

Many French cars had the driver on the right side. It was an advantage when meeting another vehicle on a narrow road, being able to see the edge of the ditch made it easier to avoid slipping into it.
This design was standard a few years into the 19-thirties. Renault had all their cars with left hand drive at the car exhibition in 1932 but it was still possible to order, at no extra cost, a right hand drive.
Luxury cars had this layout into the 19-fifties. The employed driver sat front right, Madame was rear right, Monsieur (the owner) was left rear. Driver did not obstruct Monsieurs view of the road and the dirver was ideally placed to open Madames door on arrival without having to run around the car.
Madame obviously sat closest to the sidewalk so that Madame did not need to get her shoes dirty by stepping onto the road.

The Laffly was designed in the 19-thirties (production started 1938) so I would assume that it was also designed to allow the driver a clear view of the ditch

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