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Hello to everyone! We are working on a new kit. Take a look at our renders of the Artillery Towing Vehicle. We are planning to release it in October. Follow our news!

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This looks great, never believed I would see one in plastic.

Just need some pointing top brass for a nice diorama with a French tank.

Regards Jason

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The tank destroyer version would be great.

There’s a six wheeled version also. I wonder if they have any plans to do that? I have photos of the six wheeled version being used as a gun hauler by 9th SS.

Fantastic news! Next the Unic armoured halftracks, please.

Any time anyone ever tells you that the French build some really goofy looking military vehicles, show’em this and prove them right!

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It looks like a Dodge rear-ended a kiddie car.

Interestingly enough (arguably) I seem to recall there’s one of these towards the end of the film “The Train” as a Wehrmacht convoy - including this vehicle - is unsuccessfully flagged down by the German Colonel (Paul Schofield). I think I first saw this film - quite powerful in its own right - as a kiddie (around 10 years old) and even then thinking, “What the hell is that?”. Mind you, it sort of looked the biz being camouflaged and all (I think).

I might get one of these just for the hell of it and see what I can do with it in Wehrmacht finish.

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That is one of the homliest looking military vehicles I’ve ever seen. And that is saying something.

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Reference my last:

The Train (9/10) Movie CLIP - A Defeated Army (1964) HD - YouTube

See at 1.14 or thereabouts. I was mistaken about the camouflage.


Judging from the Notek light on the front of the Laffly ICM may include
some German markings with the kit ?

I don’t actually think that’s a Notek light (if you’re referring to the original images) shown but a French equivalent; see for instance also on this Somua:

If I was a WW2 modeller - and I’m not normally - I’d be looking quite forward to this I think.

The Notek is on the fourth CAD image - situated centre
front of the radiator.

Yup - got it now. Clearly my eyes are beginning to fail (let alone my brain).

No worries Brian - I`m just confused that ICM have included BOTH French & German
“blackout” lights - choice is a marvellous thing !



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Wonder if the “plate added on the left side of the body in front of the driver’s door” is the usual blue square with yellow triangle placard as specified by the french code for vehicles towing a trailer or similar (in the same way as well-known german yellow triangle on cab tops), and folded when not towing.


Since Jerry & Co reused them they substituted their own type of blackout lights

Seems reasonable.

Nice to see some French subjects finally getting a bit of styrene love.

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