IN PROCESS! 100% new molds! “Burma Jeep”, Mark I Model 1 | Armorama™

Model: 35426 Scale: 1/35

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Well I never thought I would see that in plastic. Maybe we will get lucky and the will do the IH jeep and the IH half tracks (M5/M9)!

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Nice ICM! :star_struck::+1:

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This is too cool! what would be a good period piece to put along-side this little Navy truck?

Cajun :crocodile:

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I don’t normally buy ICM products (I don’t like their engineering) but I will get this one! I have no idea of the history of this vehicle (I’ll look it up) but it’s really cool! Nice release ICM!


The Ford GTB, commonly called the Burma Jeep, was a 1 1⁄2-ton 4x4 truck produced during WWII by Ford and was used primarily by the United States military, primarily the US Navy and Marine Corps. The GTB was used primarily in the Pacific Theater during World War II, with many being used on the “Burma Road”.[1][2][3]

GTBs remained in service after WW II. Some were used during the Korean War (1950-1953). The last units were retired from service as late as 1967.[4]

The GTB’s Ordnance Standard nomenclature number was G-622.


Ford produced over 15,000 of these low silhouette, short, and maneuverable GTB’s in five models, with all except the GTBS having dual rear wheels:[5]

Cab of Ford GTB, Cargo, Low Silhouette

Ford GTB Low Silhouette Cargo U.S.N. #101471

  • GTB truck, Cargo, the basic version with a troop/cargo carrying bed equipped with side mounted folding bench seats,
  • GTBA truck, (US Navy) All navy versions were produced in “Ocean Grey”
  • GTBB truck, Wrecker, (Rare, only 50 produced)
  • GTBS truck, Bomb Service with crane (US Navy)
  • GTBC truck, Bomb Service with crane (USN, improved)
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So we start hoping that ICM maximizes the use of their moulds to make all variants …

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They’ve already announced a second kit as shown in the 2024 catalogue. I’m assuming 35426 is supposed to be a GTBA, whereas kit 35425 looks to be the GTB (although given ICM’s history, I expect both kits are identical with the exception of decals, and GTB including the soft top roof and side boards).

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35425 looks like a basic GTB with top and bows.

35426 looks like a basic GTB w/out the top and bows.


I want one!

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At last. Have been waiting a plastic kit of this beauty for ages. So long in fact I was preparing material for a certain model company interested in it…

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