IN PROCESS! ICM 1/16 WW2 Soviet assault engineer-sapper | Armorama™

Good day to you! We are working on a new kit. Just take a look at our prototypes of master models.

Scale 1/16 Model kit #16013

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Finally, some WWII guys in 1/16 from ICM. Need somebody to stand around all the new 1/16 armor.

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This figure looks semi-respectable too. Unlike some of their other 1/16 offerings, the less said the better. Berlin 1945 anyone?

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This dude doesn’t fit in my current builds, but maybe it’s a start to something better.

Any hope for the rest of the squad, but in 1/35, and with flame-throwers and other nasty stuff? :slight_smile:


Welcome to Armorama, Nano; yes, a squad would be great news with an assortment of weapons. And ICM’s prices are reasonable enough to do a squad in 1/16, too. Or, maybe time to do some old fashioned modelling and scratch build?

I will be honest I like the 1/16th scale figures from ICM, sure some of them have weak areas but they go together better than the 1/16th DML figures.

Nice start and looking really nice. The might put a bit more polish on this one. In my opinion the cuirass is too short. The SN-42 armor came in 3 sizes. Properly fitted for the wearer, the lower plate should cover the lower abdomen down to the groin. The two plates has an open hinge on the reverse side. The lower plate could be lifted up and suspended behind the upper plate via this hinge. This allowed more freedom of movement when the lower plate protection was not needed. When in that arrangement, the cloth buffer at the top of the lower plate is not visible. Seems ICM has the length correct for raised arrangement, but the visible details correct for the deployed arrangement. Granted, a soldier could end up with what ever size he may have available, but the intent was to best match the size to the soldier.