IN PROCESS! ICM 1/35 BM-13-16 on G7107 base | Armorama™

Good day to you! We are working on a new kit. Just take a look at our renders of the BM-13-16 on the G7107 base. We are planning to release it in October!

BM-13-16 on G7107 base Scale 1/35 Model kit #35595

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Was always wondering when someone was going to throw out a kit of the Russian rocket rack based on a U.S. vehicle. Just might have to get this one.

Not the first one. ICM has had the Studebaker US6-based one since 2009. That are probably using the same basic launcher parts for the new one as well.

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Okey dokey! Single axle and dual axle…but still based on a US platform.

that boxart is just beautiful

Not a complaint, but ICM is definitely going to get their monies worth out of those molds :grin:

Like their T55 series, and their WW1 armored car series, Miniart will milk the snot out of the U.S. truck series as well. :grin:

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