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WWII British Trucks (Model W.O.T. 6, Model W.O.T. 8, Leyland Retriever General Service).

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A great set of trucks! Thanks ICM.

The UK War Department must have really hated their drivers, just stripping everything from the Leyland what possibly could have created any form of comfort.

I have mine under construction, though my motivation to finish it is very low due to the corona I am sufferring now.
The build is an easy going process:
Clear instructions
Logical build up
No searching along various sprues
Short: a delight to do.

The WOT will follow for sure as well.

There seems to be a discussion about the cargo part: wrong planking or so?
Who knows?

And ICM: don‘t wait with the drivers! Your Germans are high standard, so UK drivers can not be too much of a challenge for you, can it?

Enjoy the weekend

The issue is not planking on the WOT 6, it is the type of body. It is not a general purpose body it is the specialised machinist truck body, so it needs to be fitted out accordingly like with the resicast set.

Ilian Filipov gave the run down in an article on the old site Forum an posted some comparison photos of body types:

His summary:
There are several “Machinery Lorry” types on WOT6 chassis but they are externally the same and differ in the equipment only, save the single van type machinery body. The open machinery body was similar to GS body but still different in many details, it is also longer. It has dropable side boards and they have also a foldable section, to form additional bench when dropped (with two vices each side permanently fixed there). Only the central section of the tailgate was dropable, to form an access door with ladder attached.

Resicast also does a replacement GS type body