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IN THE PROCESS! Squid Game 〇 ITEM NUMBER #16212 SCALE 1:16

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I would like to see the parts for this figure, At 1/16 scale, can the head be swapped out for something else?

Too bad it doesn’t come with a 1/16 MP-5(K).

I’m on the fence with this one. I can see some usefulness as a Sci-Fi cyborg or warrior if armed to get it out of the Squid Game subject and the belt can hold a spare ammo pouch or two. One can 3D print a sword or a gun for this figure.

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Roger That. Some potential for a Post-Apoc Survivor/ Stalker type figure in basic hostile environment PPE.
Pose is uninspiring but neutral for conversion; I would have preferred 1:24th/75mm scale.



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Squadron Mail Order is now taking Preorders.

I can see sawing off the head and replacing it with a new “human head with facial features” and replacing the MP5 with a 5.56mm carbine. Now that some modelers on Armorama can 3D print and sell, adding 3D printed ammo vest pouches can turn this figure into a Post-Apocalyptic soldier or fictitious commando, or spy, or light scout figure, sentry, bad guy, light tactical police, or Sci-Fi figure. Imagine an action thriller novel character armed with a sniper rifle or carbine in coveralls. They do sell 120mm aftermarket heads.

It is the tactical harness that one wants for modification to glue on 120mm pouches, gear, grenades, and knives to.

I would like to see a Parts Photo of this figure before delving into any of these (extensive) modifications.

The O figure does come with a ski mask head with facial features so I’m hoping the MP5 figure does also. As such, one can indeed create new alternates as I mentioned above.

Photos from Britmodeler of the non-MP5 Game O figure. Note the ski mask head by the legs, meaning no need to saw off the head…the hood comes in two separate pieces.

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The MP5 guard does come with a ski mask head also and a revolver.

The instructions and sprue parts diagram for the MP5 guard are available on the ICM website. Click on the red “Download Instructions” to see the sprues.

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