Incoming M113 Tracks from DEF | Armorama™

DEF Model is working on the new set of 3D printed tracks for Academy/Tamiya M113... both normal and damaged rubber pad versions are planned as a March release.

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A dedicated sprocket to properly fit the AM tracks! I won’t have to chop/trim/sand…

I wish they were the newer (potentially now more common) T150 tracks.


This would be great for those countless M-113 builds I’ve completed. Plus @HeavyArty has a point. Someone should tell DEF to make a T150 track set as well.

I am sure if it sell well they will.

What timeframe will these tracks work for?

T150 tracks started being used in the late 2000s to early 2000-teens. Most current US M113s have them.


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Doesn’t Fat Frog produce them already though?

Hobby Easy has them: HobbyEasy | M113 T150 Workable Track Links with Drive Sprockets

Fat Frog also sells the T130 track set HobbyEasy | M113 T130E1 tracks (Clickable 3D Printed links).
Looks like they have other M113 related offerings like drive wheels, etc.

They do, but another option (competition) is always good.

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OK, here’s the official product on DEF website:

US M113 APC Workable Track set

US M113 APC Workable Track set - Damaged pad


I’m not sure if it’s relevant but I also made a set of Diehl T150F tracks awhile ago. It was too expensive on Shapeways so it never went anywhere.

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New Pads

Worn pads

The sag on the track set is beautiful. Much better than the rubber band tracks that come with the kit.

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