Indian AMX-13

I bought the Takom AMX-13 kit and already have the DEF Model aftermarket barrel. I thought of making an Indian AMX-13, for which decals are available. Does the Takom kit correspond properly?

Also I wondered about the other Takom AMX-13 kits. Are they correct?

Which Takom kit do you have?


These might be of use - pictures of Indian AMX 13’s in a parade in New Dehli & another of them returning from battle across the Aknoor Bridge - both taken in 1965 by my father when he was with UNMOGIP - Military Observer Group India Pakistan.


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Takom 1/35 2036 I.D.F Light Tank AMX-13/75 4897051420439 | eBay

Thanks. You’re good with this reference
However you’ll have to make a number of mods. The headlights are the early type with a single white light, the roadwheels are the early bolted type. The radio antennas are a different type. I need to check the auxiliary sights.


AA products » 1:35th Accessories » A184 (

Good news, I found that Accurate Armour makes the old style wheels.

Which makes me wonder though. What are the kit ones supposed to be?

They are the standard welded type which proved to be more resistant.