Indian Scout, Beyond the Frontier | Armorama™

This diorama for me is just sensational the groundwork of the diorama just shows the talented mind and hands of the modeler Elena Shtentsel from Altores Studio some links below for her work and figures that she sells

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Why is this under Armorama? It is clearly a historical Figure diorama.

Ruh roh.


Lol! Love the look on that dog’s face.

Everything else aside, from a modelling perspective, I think this is absolutely outstanding work. Bravo.

I thought it was going to be a motorcycle, or in the case of an Indian, a motocycle.

As the Scout is my daily rider, that was my thought as well.
A very interesting, well executed vignette no matter where it’s posted.

I was thinking more along these lines.

Trust me, I would buy one in an instant. But the folks who have those aren’t letting them go.

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I need to find the hard drive with the pictures of the red 1941 Chief I was hired to wire with a complete NOS harness, fabric insulation and all, during the restoration back in the early 2000s.

Before I retired, this was my job.

WHEN I retire, that’ll be my job. :grinning:

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