Indy Cal Decals

Just wanted to pass along my latest experience with Michael’s excellent customer service at Indy Cals. As my usual practice for quite some time, when I want to buy a kit, I’ve done my basic research so I know the paint scheme, and what if any AM I need. I order everything from whomever has what I’m looking for so that I have all of it ready to go when I’m ready to start the build.

Most of my AM decals are from Indy Cals, and I have more then 2 dozen sheets stored away. Recently I wanted to build the Fujimi Ford GT40 MkII in Gulf Wyler colors, so I pulled out the decals and carefully looked them over. What I noticed ASAP was that the Orange color of the stripes were more a Brownish Orange. So I sent Michael (Indy Cal owner) a email asking him is this is a known issue.

Michael responded the same day that his printer process has issues with certain colors, Orange being the biggest offender, and is why he also offers the decals with just the Black edging, as well as a full mask set. I guess that as usual I was looking for the easy way out. So I figured that I’d have to purchase another full decal set for $14, but in the very next sentence Michael offered at no cost to replace the full decal sheets so that I have the masks and the edging. They arrived yesterday.

Michael’s customer service has always been at this level for every issue I’ve had. which is always my screwing up a decal or two. He’s always replaced them free of charge with his Oops program. Any and all questions have also been answered in a timely and friendly manner.

Needless to say Indy Cal will continue to be my #1 AM decal resource.



That’s great service Joel and good of you to do a blog on it. I have never used Indy Cal decals, shipping from the US being pretty expensive and also I am a more out of the box with decals but if I need some I will certainly look them up.


Shipping is getting out of sight in price even within the USA unless you end up with the Post Office which is simply horrendous in service, time, and even tracking doesn’t work right.

So I search and search USA online hobby shops trying to find what I need, which ain’t easy.


Is that Joel?

yep. I just can’t get use to it being one word. I’ve always referred to it as Indy Cals. Sorry for the confusion.