Some impressions of the Bundeswehr infantry collection during an Open House in 2005


Is the field kitchen operational?

Are the German vehicles there authentic? Must be a great event to be. Did you meet a lot of like minded people and model makers there?

These authentic Czech made vehicles. The Hetzer is a ex-Swiss G13 and the Halbkette is a OT-62. It will be hard to get an operational Sd. Kfz. 251 these days

It´s a WWI re-enactment group, so I don´t think the Feldküche is in working order.

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I have a book about a WWII reenacting group that has a working field kitchen and it’s a handy book for detailing the 35th scale kits.

Some great images there…
And love the stein of beer under the seat :+1: