Info on painting/priming Roco mintanks kits

I’m kitbashing an M123C from RocoMinitank kits. I’ve heard that their plastic doesn’t go well with certain paints or liquid glues.

Any recommendations on primers I can use on Roco models?

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I use Testors paints and cement on them without any problems.


The RocoMinitanks were I believe originally aimed at the Model RR market. Attempting to brush paint them w/Floquil or one of the other solvent based Model RR paints leads to problems. I have not had problems when using an airbrush to paint. As always, good technique in preparation matters and in general I used Floquil primer as an under coat. Since Floquil is no longer available, the stash does exist however, I would think any of the current generation of model paints would work.

I would be curious as to how you work things out.



I agree with Tim. I don’t recall ever trying to use the legendary and superlative Floquil on MiiniTanks, but I’ve used plenty of Testors (good riddance) and the late great Pactra enamels on them. No problems. Over the years, I’ve even primed them with rattle cans from the auto shop. No problem. Recently, I glued one up with Ambroid liquid cement and maybe even some of the Tamiya extra thin. No detrimental effect.

I would say that any of the current crop of paints that are not lacquer based should not hurt the plastic.


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