Inkjet decals..need recommendations

Hello. I was wondering if printing my own waterslide decals is worth it. Does anyone have experience with this? What is a good brand of paper?

I think it is. I make my own custom decals all the time. It allows me to mark vehicle how I want to. It isn’t hard either. Make sure you get ink-jet decal paper though. The wrong type will not work in the wrong printer.

Check this previous thread for more info.

Thank you very much Gino. I think I’ll take the plunge.

Ink Jet paper for decals is readily available thru Amazon or a local hobby store…Mark Twain Hobbies in St. Louis is a great source. Wil also need some clear laquer (spray can) to cover the just made decal paper after ~24hrs drying time. I wait that much time to insure they are not attacked by the solvent in the laquer. Once you have two coats of laquer, I then use Testors Decal film to coat the sheet and let that dry for another 4 to 8 hours. The decals are rather “thick” and durable when they slid off the sheet…so I use a decal softener to lay them down on the subject. GO FOR it…YOU can do it!!!

Thank you Rich. I had read a little about the process last night. Saw a bunch of decal paper on Amazon, but was worried it might be too thick to use for modeling.

I use it to replicate missing or destroyed decals. As mentioned, it is often the only way to get the specific markings you want, especially for unique vehicles/airplanes, or less covered units - like FFI in the North African campaign.
My father flew a RB-36E (converted YB-36), serial number 42-13571, out of Ramey AFB with the72nd Strategic Reconnaissance Wing. I wanted to build his plane
While the 72nd basic markings are in RB-36F kit (Revell 4632) the serial numbers and a couple of other markings were not - Using Word for MAC, and a HP color printer - they were printed 15 minutes later.
It is important to get a good cover spray if using ink-jet printers, Michaels has a thin lacquer made especially for covering.
For more detailed (difficult) markings you can scan a picture and then use it any drawing app as you guide. Sometimes it helps to do the design at 200% or 300% and then shrink it down - easier on the eyes.
You can get starter kits from several sources that have clear and white paper, covering lacquer, and often decal setting solution
Have fun

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Thank you

Also be sure to use Microscale liquid decal film over the clear laquer coat…btw, I usually use TWO coats of laquer to be sure that nothing bleeds…

What does the decal paper look like and where do i get it.

You may obtain the paper from Amazon or Mark Twain Hobbies (St, Charles, Mo)

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