Inside of a German torpedo tube?

anybody know what the inside of the breech end of a German torpedo tube looked like?
specifically the fittings connected to the launch system?
I want to open up both ends of one tube on my schnellboot, but am looking for detail.


Hello Sudesh,

Thetorpedos fired from a Schnellboot were diffferntly set.up as the Schnellboot fires from 2 m above the selevel, while the U-boot fired from below. This video shows a bit the inside of a tube:

check 4:28 and 16:14

when you load the torpedo, nothing is to see in the tube, the level under see level is set. up after loading and than the meter for setting the level is removed again from the torpedo.

At 16:14 you can see the forward torpedotubes. Beside the opening mechanism for the hatches, which is very similar to the S-boats in the front between the tubes you can see the control board for the spread angle and depth, and you can seen the tubes going from the board into the tube, just an orientation.

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Hi Christian,
Thanks for your answer!
found this link with pictures:

The linked pictures show circular holes in the side and top.
I assume that was where the air (water?) entered to fire the torpedo.

Tube from a Type 205 sub 20 years later it shows ahint of what Iā€™m looking for.

Excellent find, can`t keep up with this