Inside the canopy, adding details to Mil Mi-24V

Hello everyone,

While waiting for the paints to dry on my current project I opened up my next one. I am exclusively an armor modeler and my next project is a helicopter. I love upgrading kits and unfortunately the project: Trumpeters 1/35 MI-24V is surprisingly missing details. One of the details I plan to create is the inside of the canopy. What I mean is that the frames of the canopy are not modeled on the inside of the clear parts despite the real thing having not just distinct frames but also a ton of wires and other instruments attached to it.

So, does anybody have experience or good resources to help me re-create the metal frames on the inside of the canopy?

Thank you!

I have done it with thin strips of sheet styrene carefully glued in place.

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What Gino said, I did that on the Kittyhawk Little Bird and it worked well. About the only thing Iā€™d caution on is the glue you use, I went with super thin super glue and let the capillary action do the work.

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That was my biggest worry but I was thinking very thin styrene would to the job. I am not too worried about fogging it up as there is a seamline through the canopy that I have to sand down and polish. Have you ever tried VMS clear glue at all?

I think you might be right about it being the best way to go!

Thank you

No, but I do have two Hinds in the stash and may try it on one of them. Thanks for the suggestion.

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