Inside The Hummer

I have the Tamiya M1025 kit. But I remember the instructions of the ancient Bushmaster equipped vehicle which had a blue interior. This seems to call for a green interior. What is the story?

The insides are green like the exterior color for the most part. Some of the sand colored vehicles also have sand interior parts like the windshield frame & dashboards, cargo beds on cargo vehicles.

Never seen blue for the interior, sounds like a mistake to me.

Hummer = civilian

Humvee = military

According to Tamiya instructions, the interior is painted XF-21 “Sky”

which is not the best option IMHO for the US Army “Seafoam Green” used for the inside of M-series armored vehicles.

I think XF-71 is a better match (but it’s just me…)


For a standard HMMWV (M996, M998, M1025, M1114, M1151, etc…), the interior is usually NATO green on a NATO camo vehicle and sand on a sand vehicle. A sand vehicle can also have a green interior if it was originally NATO camo and repainted sand.

The RED-T HMMWV, as depicted by Tamiya, was only an experimental vehicle that was not accepted by the US Military (nor any other that I know of). It probably was seafoam green on the interior, at least the added gun turret parts. The rest of the standard HMMWV interior was probably standard green (Forest or NATO Green).

RED-T (Remote Electric Drive Turret) HMMWV


So this is the basis on Tamiya’s old model, this prototype?

Yes, the exact same vehicle.

One of the prototypes even had the same early 4-hole front bumper. Later/fielded HMMWVs have a 3-hole front bumper.

It seems to me that some ambulances were also painted in this strange green color.

The inside of most M997 ambulances are seafoam green since they have large, gaping doors that show off the interior. They are treated in the same manner as an APC w/l large rear ramp.

Well? The M997A3 ambulances do, but older ones were painted forest green on the inside.


RED-T HMMWV kit was based on the Italeri kit, no relation with the later M1025. Thats probably the reason why the kit was not re-released-