Inspirations: 1/48 Decommissioned Westland Wessex x2 Diorama by Spyros Molinari

Adie Roberts continues his inspirations to help inspire modelers of all abilities. This time it is a very nice diorama of two decommissioned Westland Wessex HAS3s. They are very well done and nicely detailed.


I will always shower praise on well painted yellow models and these are no exception. The paintwork on these are exquisite.

Excellent work there! I really like the faded paintwork, particularly on the lower portion of the blue and yellow Wessex. Coincidentally, I am planning to model a CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter at the ‘Desert Boneyard’ (Davis Monthan AFB in Arizona). I want to depict a similar faded appearance, but without the use of an airbrush (because I don’t own one!) Any suggestions on how to replicate this effectively? I’ve considered various methods including dry-brushing, washes and the use of chalk pastels, but am open to other ideas.


I would suggest the dot-technique using artists oil paints.

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Thanks for that suggestion. In fact, I’ve seen that method used to fade the paintwork on diesel loco models.