Inspirations: Bell AH-1W Super Cobra by István Michalkó

Adie Roberts continues his inspirations to help inspire modelers of all abilities to work out of their comfort zone building dioramas or just trying new builds. This time it a “what-if” AH-1W Super Cobra in the old Land Camo Scheme.


Very nice.

I have seen Academy has re-released recently his AH1W super cobra NTS.

What is the helmet model wearing by AH1W pilots during OIF and OEF ?

The USMC wore/wears the HGU-84/P helmet, with or without a fabric cover.

Reedoak has them available w/or w/out cover.!/1-35-HGU-84-P-US-Navy-helicopter-pilot-helmet-with-visor-cover-and-detailled-interior/p/51562586/category=13281305!/1-35-HGU-84-P-US-Navy-helicopter-pilot-helmet-without-visor-cover-and-detailled-interior/p/68099720/category=13281305

Great thank you.

I have thought to use figures from the Kiowa warrior "THUGS"kit by Academy/MRC I have in the stash. The shape of the helmet of those figures is quite similar.

Sort of. They are wearing the older ('60s - mid '90s) US Army SPH-4 helmets.

Thank you. Need just to change the visor and it will be acceptable.

Thank you too for the time frame information about the SPH4.