Interesting developments from New Zealand - a new modelling company

A brand new modelling company has been announced here.
Website: with some familiar faces.


Look nice…from the ashes of Wingnuts

Yup, it has been covered on Aeroscale:

It is great seeing WNW team will continue with their work.


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Their first announced kit looks promising too: a 1:32 Spitfire Mk1a (late). According to Themodellingnews, the first one since 1967(!).

I wonder if they will resurrect the 1/32 Lanc .
Spit is probably a wiser business move. There are likely many more modelers who will buy the Spit as opposed to the Lanc.

Size matters …

Yep, sometimes your just too big.

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I got the itch for the HK Models 1/48 Lanc but I really don’t have a place to display even that …
sigh …

HK makes a 1/32 Nose Art kit which might fix the bill.

I was hoping for something different. It is easy to convert the likely much cheaper Revell Spitfire MKIIa into a late 1a with a few AM pieces which I did for the very plane they are showing for the ANZACs campaign on the old site.

I think on the Lancaster side it may remain a strong possibility. Richard Alexander is part of Kotare and his involvement with WnW development on the Lancs lead to this publication late last year, authored by him. I can’t believe all that IP will be wasted.

Yet another spitfire :slight_smile: but in a scale that apparently has not seen a new version for a long time.

I wish them the best of luck

I think a Spit IA is a brilliant choice to start. There haven’t been any new tool dedicated BoB Spitfires in years and years. Unlike WnW which had some esoteric subjects to start, this one should sell like hotcakes and set the company up well. Now, how about a Hurricane?

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got a place :slight_smile:

I never made a WnW kit as WW I isn’t my area of interest, and 1/32 isn’t my scale so maybe I should just sh!!! &p.

Still, the market, meaning the modellers, may have let the company down leading to its failure. It’s a pity that esoteric subjects don’t make a chance, while yet another Spitfire (with all respect for the fact that it is since 1967 that a new 1/32 Spit has been produced) will lead to a healthy profit.

Not awarding companies that dare to stroll away from the beaten paths by actually buying kits that are not spitfires, ME-109, F-16 and a handfull of others, leads to poorer choice.