Interesting way to display a Harrier

Tate Gallery in London

More info here :

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Just hanging out …

I guess this is another one of those “modern art master pieces” which I usually miss the point of

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Given the paint job, they should have hung it by its nose. Owls are not bats. Still cool though.

Silly me, I thought it was a Harrier …

The point should still be upwards though,
maybe the artists or curators thought that ‘point down’ looked less aggressive

Same difference. The eyebrows and eyes behind the canopy made me think owl not harrier. Not an ornithologists after all. I will try better next time.

I was going by the name :wink:
I’m not an ornitholgist either even if I can tell the difference between a

and a


Lots of question, few answers.

It works, if its a harrier in a dive, the head would be nose down.

Image found on Northern harrier courtship | Cindy McIntyre’s Blog (


Art imitating life. Nice find.

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