Interior for M60 series tanks

Has anyone heard of someone who has made or is planning to make either an update set or an all new model of an M60a1 with interior? I served on those way back when and would like to do one. I have the motor/transmission kit but would like the turret and drivers compartment as well.


I have not heard any company planning to make M60A1 or A3 interior sets or a plastic kit with the interior but that sounds like a super fun/stressful project for 3D prints! I have a lot on my plate right now but maybe we can discuss next year (2023) to consult on the design if you are highly interested. Btw, this is my latest thread: 3D prints and CADs Part 2 - by petition2God - #338 by James_Lee on 3D designs.

Sounds good. will have to collect some photos. Will also look at some other kit interiors and see what I can steal from them



View of the Gunner’s station from the Loader’s Station. The commander sits behind and above the gunner.


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Also, Toadman has a very detailed picture collection of a Marine M60A1 RISE (P) with ERA, including pictures of the interior.


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Pawel Mroczkowski on Finescale Modeler had started one in 3D CAD a while ago. I contacted him almost a year ago to check on it and he said it was stalled. He had it about 75% done. The CAD looked good to me. Maybe you can check with him and do a file swap.

You can see where Pawel got on it here:

Modelling Patton tank interior in 1:35 - FineScale Modeler - Essential magazine for scale model builders, model kit reviews, how-to scale modeling, and scale modeling products

Here is his website contact info:

Contact (

I too started a CAD of the turret and driver interiors, but like Pawel I too stalled - I really must get it restarted this Christmas!


Notice the squirrel cage in the photo.


This one :point_up:


here’s a better picture.

Yes the white “cage”.

Thanks for sharing, Gino. His work looks great, and I’d rather see him finish it if it’s 75% done. If I were to start from scratch, it would take me at least 6 months if not more judging from the complexity.
So I’m not going to touch it.

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The AFV M60A1 has a very nice drivers compartment. Needs a little bit of detail added (think ammo racks to either side) but its the only one out there. Gentleman on Shapeways is offering an M47 turret interior thats nice, but… why he chose an M47 and not an M60 is beyond me.

Yes, please do. I’ll take two, thank you.