Interior pictures of the Coast Guard's HH-65's rear cabin

I can find HH-65 cockpit photos all over the place - model C’s &D’s. But I can’t get any really good shots of the rear part of the cabin. There is a lot of stuff the rescue birds carry, including the winch litter but where does it all go.
All the photos I can find show the cabin to where the 3rd seat is and then zip.
The Trumpeter kit shows a big empty space on the HH version - that can’t be right.
There has got to be some storage layout to carry all the rescue equipment.
Anyone have suggestions where to look?

Here are a few.



Prime Portal has a good walk-around that includes interior pics too.

I don’t have a walk around of that helo, but I do have a walk around of a Jayhawk stationed out of Astoria, Oregon. One could reasonably assume that crewmen follow some sort of load out SOP in case they’re called upon to assist in another location on a different platform.
I’ve got some good interior shots that show all of the equipment properly stowed. No, it’s not going to be exact for your needs, but I’ll bet it’ll be pretty damned close.
PM me if you’re interested and I’ll send you the photos. I’m not posting them here because I don’t want to lose control of them.

More walkarounds


To everyone who sent pictures and links these are just what I needed
Thank you

I live in Northern Virginia and get flown over by one of these red birds at least once a week