Interior Tiger colors?

Question, building the RFM Mid production. What is the red under paint and the Grey main color and is there a AK Real Color match as that is the colors I like. But any info will work…Thanks

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The brand you want and the colors you need;,8013%20Rotbraun%20(Red%20Brown).

Not going to vouch for the accuracy of the colors, that’s up to you to decide. Interesting that they give you two colors of red oxide, RAL 8012 and RAL 8013. This set actually gives you 6!

Color modulation and all that…

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RAL 8012 is the more common primer; RAL 8013 was also used to a lesser degree and was common on Kriegsmarine hulls.

Where does this fit in?

Is this actually the modern RAL system? Sorry, don’t have my color charts up at the moment.
Here is what I have, although not complete.

It is a primer but I have never seen it mentioned in conjunction with military equipment. It could be more common to civilian equipment.

RAL 8013 (Schiffsboden Farbe Rot #5) replaced RAL 8012, and was listed in the Genormte Anstriche and added to RAL Register 840 R, sometime in the Spring of 1942/3.

My remaining question concerns the Mission Models paint with an RAL number of 3009, as I posted above. What’s up with that?

Well, as I said it IS a primer but I’ve not seen the number referenced much.

The Tiger was painted in “Elfelbein” Ivory RAL 1001 with the radios painted in Hellgrau RAL 7009 with the bottom of the tank, where the engine compartment and torsion bars are, was painted in Rotbraun primer.

This color set has the paints you need with the RAL designation.

That’s how i painted the interior of my Tamiya Sturmtiger (except mine didn’t come with a radio set).