Interwar Innovation

I’ve completed the US 1921 Christie from Vargas Scale Models. The kit is fully 3D printed resin. I love these early tanks where the users and designers were trying to figure out what a tank should do and what characteristics it needed.




Very nice indeed Rick - very well executed with a finish, that in my opinion is just right.

These early prototypes are so cool. You have done this serious justice . Your finish looks to be spot on . Just superb work.

Fantastic looking finish- just right as Brian said. Lovely to see lesser known tanks like this getting kitted out now- even nicer seeing them built and painted so well.

Outstanding job all around Rick! Finish looks excellent

Really beautiful results Rick! Is this 1/35 scale?

An ugly duckling to be sure but well done. The track color and the running gear look particularly nice to me. :+1: :+1:

Thanks guys!

SSG Toms, Yes, this is 1:35th scale. It is a 3D printed resin kit from Vargas Scale Models. The parts count is low, and the detail is decent. Vargas produces a line of rather obscure WW1 and Interwar subjects that are not available from other manufacturers. I’ve purchased several of their kits and have been happy so far.


Wow, really nice work! I just finished their Ford 3 Ton. I may have to spring for this one too. How did you deal with the printing striations? They can be a little pesky but otherwise it was a fun build.


Thank you! The striations are a pain to remove. I use a selection of sanding tools. The David Union sander is great for larger areas. I bought mine on-line from Model Paint Solutions. I use a variety of different grits and sizes of sanding sponges. I also make small sanding sticks from Evergreen strip with various grits of sandpaper glued to the flat. I make them in using a couple of different width strips to get into the tight spots.

I run a small desktop HEPA air purifier on my workspace when sanding the resin parts and keep a damp rag on the bench to wipe up any sanding dust. After sanding all of the parts, I wash them in warm soapy water and scrub with a toothbrush again to remove any dust that may still be lodged in the corners and around details.

I’m weathering the Vargas Scale Models Ford 3-Ton now and have their 1919 Christie in process.

Hope this helps.


I may have to get a similar sander if I’m going to do more of these. You’re approach is certainly effective! I tried to add some cast texture to hide them but it wasn’t very successful.


I agree that sander is almost as epic as the beautiful work on the vehicle .
Do you have a link for the sander?


The David Union 400 sander is carried by Model Paint Solutions operated by John Miller in Seattle. He carries a couple of tools that are hard to find any where else. I’ve order from him a number of times and had no issues. John is the paint and airbrush guru. He has a number of excellent articles on the site about the art of airbrushing and getting paints to perform in the airbrush.



Rick . Thank you so much

That is beautiful.

That really is nice. A nifty looking tank indeed!

Really nice one! :blush:
Will follow your painting pattern.

How did your Vargas kits arrive? Mine had a brocken track/running gear sprue.


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Thanks Lars!

Dutik, Thanks for the compliment! My kit arrived in good shape. I did have a different Vargas kit that was missing a part and Vargas promptly shipped a replacement.