Interwar kits

I usually do WW2 armour and planes,but have gotten interested in the interwar planes. P12,P26 ect. does any manufater make these kits ? if so where can I buy them ? thanks

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Hasegawa made P 12 , F4 and P 26 in 1/32 - I built them all years ago - nice kits . Can’t remember who - Academy perhaps ? - did P 26 in 1/48 - built it also and again a very nice kit ( see pics ). Classic Airframes did a bunch as well . While I don’t work in 1/72 I am sure they are all available in this scale as well .

If interested in non - US subjects there are lots to be had as well - Fine Molds does beautiful 1/48 kits of Japanese subjects - Mitsubishi Ki 15 in several varieties and the Claude as well and a small company in Eastern Europe - A.B. & K make a beautiful Nakajima AN 2 ( Boeing F 4 /P 12 relative)
in 1/48 - Hope this helps.

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Thank you ! Ill look into them . 1/72 is a little too small for my old eyes and hands lol .

Great looking build Sir!