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My first D&D character as he appeared for the first D&D game, created with 3D printing.

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Just looked at the pics on a regular monitor. I see many striations from the 3D printing. Fortunately, I can not see them on the model.

one of the players who had read all of the Tolkien books christened him “Frederick Orcrist,” or “orc slayer,”

Prophetic, given

I recall my first strike against the goblin was a critical hit which all but cleaved it in half.

To be pedantic, “Orcrist” better translates as “Goblin Splitter”, one hopes it refers to his swordsmanship rather than any recreational activities…

“Pass me another Elf, Sergeant - this one’s split” Ashnak the Orc, in Mary Gentle’s “Grunts”



That is really neat. I have not played a table top RPG is decades but still have many figures in boxes, both painted and unpainted.

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