Introduction and Royal Navy WWII Camouflage Freebie


I’ve mostly existed on other forums but decided to join here too. Whilst this maritime section isn’t as busy as some others there’s still modelling happening. I’ve done a little bit of archival research on the Royal Navy and their paints, but have been assisted enormously by a small number of others who have spent much, much more time than I in the archives but perhaps lacked the platform to do much with what they’d gathered. It’s been a privilege to work with these individuals, and I have learned a great deal.

Anyway, that’s me. I like paints. I thought I’d offer something for free for anyone who wishes it - a PDF download of Royal Navy Confidential Admiralty Fleet Order 679/42. Issued in 1942, it was their first attempt to give a relatively comprehensive understanding of which camouflage paints were available and how they were to be used. The original order included a catalogue of colour illustrations or “Design Plates” with pre-approved camouflage schemes suitable for different threats/circumstances for destroyers and smaller classes of ships (Cruisers and larger still had bespoke or class designs produced on demand by a team of specialists at Leamington Spa). We completed these facsimile copies a couple of years ago now and our costs are pretty much covered so I thought I’d share the sort of quality of original documentation which still survives in archives. CAFO679/42 is a great resource, but the only known surviving copy is at Kew, London and it’s not digitalised so you’d have to travel there to view it otherwise.

There normally is a nominal fee for this on the following link, but if you want the free copy just use discount code “FreeCAFO679” at checkout and a 100% discount will be applied. My webstore will then automatically mail you a download link. Hope you like it… CAFO 679/42 SEA-GOING CAMOUFLAGE DESIGNS FOR DESTROYERS AND SMALL SHIPS


Thanks. Nice little gift for the holidays. I have a couple of RN Destroyers and Corvette in the stash (Flower of course)

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How long will the code is good for?

Hi, the discount code is set to expire at midnight (GMT) on Sunday 18th December 2022 but the download link the webstore sends will be valid indefinitely so if you’re away from home you could use a smartphone to get the link and leave the link til January before downloading.

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Welcome aboard MSW, Jamie! :slightly_smiling_face:

Have been using Colourcoats for a number of years, now, so it’s great to have you on board here for your wisdom in RN paint! :slightly_smiling_face:

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