I have a question for you all. What exactly is the difference between an A6a and an A6e? Or even an A6b. Can an A6e be back dated into an A6a or A6b? I have two Hobby Boss kits and really want to do an early Intruder as well as the A6e

Should answer all your questions.



looks like this will be pretty easy to back date. Said nothing about the A6b cockpit, and it’s supposed to be slightly different.
thanks for the link!

As far as I know, most of the changes were internal until you get to the A-6E TRAM which had a turret type targeting and acquisition pod seen under the nose here

I think the wings might be the only real issue.

The A-6B was the specialized Iron Hand version. Externally it was an A-6A airframe with radar receiver button antennas at various positions to plot the location of enemy air defense radars. These would then be displayed on the associated scopes in the cockpit for the B/N. Also the B was the first type to have the capability to employ the Standard ARM instead of just the Shrike ARM. The F-105 Wild Weasel would gain that capability with the F-105G variant.

Tailhook Topics Blogspot has a great article on the B

A-6B Tailhook Topics

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