Invite: Build a Photo 2 group build

Hi everyone, I am going to run the 2021 edition of the above group build starting 01 Jan.
I’m opening it up to aircraft and also ships and figures.

Official Build a Photo 2 in 2021 Group Build 2
The above link ( I hope) will take you the actual to thread, if not it’s in Armorama under group builds and all the details are there.
Only real caveat is the model would need a basic Dio or backdrop so it can be seen as a representation of the original photo.
I know that may put some of the figure builders off as the figure would have to seen as doing what they’re doing in the photo, climbing into or on something, so you may have factor in building that as well… Anyway, the invites there.
If you have any questions, if you can, please ask on the main thread for the build. Hope we get some takers …