IPMS Abingdon (UK) Sat 30 Sep 2023

Just a shout out folks for the above show on Saturday 30th September; for those who might be thinking of it, Abingdon is a small town in Oxfordshire on the river Thames, in the south of England.

It’s easy enough to get to if you can stand the A34, probably the most boring strip of road in England.

Location is Larkmead School, Faringdon Road, Abingdon (obviously), OX14 1RF but use OX14 1BB to be directed to the school main gate via satnav (this off their own website).

Only a fiver to get in, open from 1000hrs to 1600hrs.

Stonehenge Modellers will be there - or at least this half of it - no pressure then. Probably a fair few repeat offenders on the table folks!


Thanks Boots. I may be there, my wife is going to a “girls day” in London, so I may be along. It’s an easy ride out for me.

Brilliant! Do come and say “Hello”; God knows where my stand will be - I haven’t been for some years and can’t quite remember the layout. As I’m there as a singleton, I may be away from the stand having a look around myself, but that’ll only be for s short while, and normally in the afternoon when customer take up eases off a bit.

Today I trawled through the built stash to identify what to take as part of my dress rehearsal process; a bit of a conundrum as the other half of Stonehenge Modellers - my great mate Pete Smith - is away on holiday. Hmmm. Bit of a problem, but then I remembered that a few years back I’d dabbled in small scale stuff, so dragged out most of what I had. That way, I filled one of the tables. The other would have to be used for mainly 1:35 and my 1:300 Corps HQ (still not quite finished). Anyway, for what it’s worth:

First, the small scale stuff, with one detailed pic:

Then the mainly repeat offenders in 1:35 plus the 1:300 piece:

So, sadly too many same old, same old, however, Abingdon is a bit of a new catchment area so perhaps all will be well. I hope so.


SWMBO has me building a new freezerbox tomorrow so I can’t get out there, but some day I hope to see your HQ dio in person!

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And mightily underwhelmed you’ll be Tom! I actually still have to populate it a bit, and add an extra helicopter; whilst I seem to be naturally lazy these days real life has got in the way of late viz: a brief but punishing bout of Covid, and my son’s wedding - also punishing (!)

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Great display of your work Brian!

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