IPMS Avon Model Show Sun 8 Aug 21 (UK)

I forgot to mention this one: we all know there’s been a paucity of model shows due to the pandemic, but Avon IPMS have rallied and are holding their show tomorrow - Sun 8 Aug.

This is in the UK so others look away now(!) This is actually a general model show not just Armour but as that’s my main bag that’s where I’ve put it.

Details are at:

IPMS Avon | Shows

This is one I’ve really been looking forward to as I’m sure, like me, you’ve all missed such events. I shall actually be there exhibiting though sadly not as much new stuff as I’d like. I’ll be there with a great mucker of mine under the guise of “Stonehenge Modellers”. if anyone’s going feel free to engage.

I have attended this show and it is a great show however this year I found out too late to attend as I’m working so didn’t have time to book it off.

Hopefully next year and I can visit the aircraft museum at Filton on the Saturday.

For those interested as to how the show went down, my mate Pete, runs a Blog and his show report is here:

Pete’s Model World (petesmodelworld.blogspot.com)

On a personal level it was fanatstic to attend a show after such a hiatus; my modelling mojo is somewhat restored although the pace of build still glacial (!)

Looks like there were some nice kits on show there. If I had known about it a bit sooner, I would of gone and had a look round, Whats even more vexing is Thornbury is about 2 miles from where a lot of my family are so at one point it was my local home town … maybe next year hopefully…

Mea culpa John; I should have tipped off the modelling community a bit earlier. It was a bloody good show and hats off to Avon IPMS for fighting through the bureaucracy and apathetic mindset which is becoming a little too pervasive in our country at the moment.

We could also have tied up and chewed the fat for a bit!

Next one is at Yeovil on 24 Oct. Any good?

If that’s the Sunday then yes, that’s my first day off shift so it looks doable for sure.

I think Yeovil Club are still working out the details (and we - Stonehenge Models have applied to exhibit) but hopefully it’ll be full steam ahead now that Avon IPMS have shown the art of the possible!

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