IPMS UK South West - Penzance

Mal @Holdfast brought the show to my attention a while ago, and gave me a gentle reminder a few days ago. Luckily it coincided with my days off so I was able to drop down and take the show in.

It was a council / community of a decent size and made up with several modelling clubs and a couple of vendors.

I shall start with the images I took of Mals 1/32 aircraft kits he took. Although each aircraft is superbly built and finished, the amazing bit with each one, is that every single marking is airbrushed, and not a decal in sight. The level of detailing and how he does it is an art form in itself.

These are Mals, or some of them. Apologies for the quality but it was phone camera, so probably not seen at their fullest potential…

These next ones were all from one bloke, didn’t get his name but they are all 1/72 or 76 or smaller for the subs… They are phenomenal… Perfectly finished and pretty much faultless. My favourite was the BATUS Sultan CV with the tent up and manned inside. Brilliant builds.


Next lot are the remaining tables and a selection of what was shown.

These next few, the guy starts building the base kit OOB, then simply converts it into something totally different using spare parts. The first one is made totally from spare parts.

Back to the remainder…

Well that’s all the images I got, I think Mal also took some, so keep an eye out if he puts them up, I hope he got a pic of a great little Dio his mate Dave did, it was very nicely done. I totally forgot to take one of it.
Thanks to Mal @Holdfast for reminding me about the show. Was a nice little event and great to meet up with Mal.


Looks good. Did you enter anything?

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Lol…no, I’m still in the closet on that one … I’m to self critical buddy


I get that. I only occasionally enter, usually the club contest to help out but otherwise not. I enter AMPS Nationals this year. I like the written feed back you get.

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It was great to meet you too mate. It’s always nice to put a face to a name, which is why I started the Bulldogs. :slight_smile:
It is a nice regional show and it was quite well attended. I got an invite to a show in Devon for next year so I plan on going to that one.
I will add my photos later, I only took a few overall shots but with your individual shots, they should give a nice impression of the show. Wait out.


My photos from the day. As usual, I left it a bit late and I didn’t get photos of all the tables and none of the traders because, as is the norm for me, I spend a lot of time talking to those showing even the slightest interest in what I’m showing! :grin:

For a small regional show, there are some very nice models on display. I didn’t get any photos of the competition tables so I have no idea of what was there. But as I wasn’t asked to put something in as is usual because of lack of entries, so I assume that it was well attended.


Some nice images I didn’t get in with yours Mal, cheers for chucking them all in here, and glad you got a different angle on the crashed Hind, that was a very good Dio. :+1::+1:

Wow! There are some exceptional models on display here, collections like this bring out the kid in me, I just want to shuffle everyone out of the room and make out the back door with as many as I can get in my truck . . . I’ll never grow up :weary:

Cajun :crocodile:

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Nothing wrong with that feeling…:+1: