Iranian M60A1 and T72

Would anyone happen to know if all the Iranian M60A1 have been been upgraded or are there still some baseline M60A1 still operational
And as for the T72 Iran operates what variant do they operate and what markings do they have as awell as the M60A1

Yes, The Iranians still operate about 150 M60A1 tanks out of the 460 that were sold to Iran before the revolution.


Modified using native technology or bought through the black market to keep their tanks functioning.

You can see the smoke launchers, typically seen on the Chinese Type 69 II tank. Don’t know what the little box to the left of the smoke launchers is, though.

As for the T_72s; they built thousands of T-72S tanks under license from Russia, along with some T-72M1 tanks purchased from Poland and Belarus in the 1990s. Plenty of unlicensed manufacture on the T-72s, even going with putting T-80 turrentsd on T-72 hulls and adding Kontak-5 ERA on them.


So as for the T72 I could build the Tamiya T72M1 out of the box and call it a day?
as far as the M60A1 goes those non standard drive sprockets and different tracks could be a problem
i seen on another pic of a Iranian M60A1 with what appears to be leopard 2 tracks

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You could use Leopard 1A4 sprockets and tracks.


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i think those might be a little too narrow

I wouldn’t! I would first try and find a photo of an Iranian T 72 that’s not an S, I have seen a Ural and a M (with modifications), the Ural was probably from the Iran/Iraqi war the M is maybe one of the supposed M1s ? There are new updates for the T 72.
The T 72 with the T 80 turret is actually a Ukrainian upgrade mounting a welded T 80 turret (as seen on Pakistani T 80UD) and the engine has been changed to the same as the UD.