Iraqi 1/48 Chengdu F-7B

This one is finally done. I originally started this probably 10 years ago or so, then sidelined it due to a couple of moves and not being happy with my original start results. I pulled it back out a couple of months back and decided not to get all wrapped up in the kit’s errors. It’s a Chinese company’s modified clone of the Academy Mig-21 kit. There are plenty of goofs in the basic kit, so if you come across one yourself, keep on looking for something else. I used some SuperScale decals for the Iraqi markings and swiped a pair of Matra Magic missiles from another kit in my stash. It’s not my best work, but I’m happy to get it off the shelf of doom and onto display.

A little distance sure helps when viewing this one…


Excellent! I’m glad you shared this. I have an Iraqi MIG-21MF that is at the decal stage now. I have to do the pitot and then there are a bunch of tiny PE parts to add to tips in various places that I’ll have to figure out how to handle…

Thanks Phil. Hopefully you’re using a better kit than this one for your MF.

I have the Eduard kit which is, I think, quite nice. I liked it so much I bought the MIG-21bis kit although it requires a different nose and surgery on the plastic for it. I’m going to try that.

Phil you certainly have a better starting point than this kit. If you are going to build a Chinese F-7 Mig, I’d highly suggest the Trumpeter kit.