Iraqi Desert Storm T-72 Detail Accessories

Does anyone offer the turret add-ons specific to Iraqi T-72 M/M1 tanks in 1990-91? Specifically, the protective housing for the commander’s searchlight, and the “Dazzler” system mounted on the left upper turret side to interfere with missile guidance. Haven’t found any resin items, but I was wondering if anybody had created them as 3D printed items?

Here’s a view of the cylinder-shaped Dazzler, on the right (for those who wonder what it looks )



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Blast makes the proper turret with Iraqi parts.

The armor for the tc’s searchlight was available in PE, either Eduard or Verlinden. I don’t know it it is still around or not.

Edit: I was wrong, the PE is from Airwaves, I should have known that.

Thanks, everybody. your info is very helpful, and those photos are among the best I’ve seen! I was aware of the Airwaves set, and the searchlight parts it includes, though it would mean ordering it from Hannants in the UK. It’s basic, but a start, at least. The Dazzler is the only part that would be difficult to scratch build, due to the large number of perfectly spaced, circular grooves on the surface. Blast’s update offers the Dazzler and its mount, but not the searchlight housing. However, I don’t really need a complete turret, as I’ll be using the Amusing Hobby kit (this could start to get expensive). Maybe I’ll rummage around my Desert Storm books and see if any of the Iraqi tanks were fielded without the Dazzler.

If i am not mistaken, Tamiya provides dazzler in their T72 kit?

I have a spare one, as i am not going to use it, but i am currently in isolation due to COVID19.
If you are not in a hurry, keep that in mind and contact me.

In some period pics, the Dazzler itself is missing but not the support :

in other examples, it looks like it wasn’t fitted at all…


I have about half of an Airwaves PE set, which includes the parts for the TC searchlight. If you want it, send me your address.

Well, I’ll be darned, they did include it! Yes. please I’d like to have the parts. if it’s not too much trouble. but by all means, tend to your health first. Hope you feel better soon! I’ll private message you, and we can figure it out.Thanks!

Yes, please, having those Airwaves parts would be really helpful! I’ll PM you. Thanks! The generosity and helpfulness of the community on Armorama never ceases to amaze me!