Iraqi T-55 Al Faw/Enigma, Soviet Made Base | Armorama™

MiniArt's Iraqi T-55 Al Faw/Enigma, Soviet Made Base in 1/35th scale and a lot has been said prior to release, so lets take a look.

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I built one of the Miniart T-55 kits and it was no walk in the park but I enjoyed the build and the results were pretty good.

Are the sprues molded in green plastic or is it the typical grey of MiniArt? I am a bit confused by the photos.

The plastic is a bit soft but I suppose MiniArt chose so as to be able to mold all those tiny details and complex shapes on their models.

A welcome addition to their T-55 kits, looking forward to getting my hands on one.

Thanks for the preview!

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It is Green plastic.

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