Iraqi Tankers Abandoning a T-72

In the Osprey book about the T-72 tank, it mentioned how, during the Gulf War, the T-72 tanks of Iraq were no match for far more advanced Allied weaponry and tank crews, once they saw one of their tanks blown to bits, quickly abandoned their tanks before they suffered the same fate. Are there any such figures available?

Hi Tom,
I don’t recall seeing any Iraqi tank figures in poses that you mention; ie running from or abandoning their T-72. I look for figures especially modern ones often. Unless someone else knows of some I don’t think so. There are a number of Arab tankers in resin and plastic ( Miniart I think) but I think their poses are static. You may have to convert. Good luck in your search !

Yeah I think conversion will be your likely best course. A few years ago I went looking for a few modern-ish crew bailing out of a tank. A few WW2 sets of various nations was all I found.