Irish Civil War- National Army Model T

A slow burning project that is coming close to the finish. Model T and figures from ICM - replacement heads from Hornet.
I have no evidence that Model T’s were actually marked with the FF sunburst, but they stuck it on the RR ACs so its possible I suppose.

Need to add a “roadblock” of some description to provide a reason for the halt and gun in hand.
I know the wheels are too clean, but once Ive finalsied the base I’ll be revisiting them.


That looks great Paul. This is a subject that’s almost never modeled. Can’t wait to see it with the figures done . Again great job.


Very nice,

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Richard, Dave thank you both very much.

Fantastic stuff Paul- like @metalhead85 said this is a seldom seen subject- however as you have proven with the right kit and a bit of imagination it can be done really well! Perhaps Copper State Models or one of the smaller manufacturers like ICM will release some more vehicles like this that can be modelled in Irish use around this time. Most of the military vehicles of this era seem to have been marked up in the pictures I’ve seen so including something like the FF insignia seems logical to me. I think you’ve got the dull green done well too. Plus the base looks quite authentic- perhaps a few stones from a nearby wall could serve as a kind of road block?

Thank you very much Karl. Its part of a long term plan to do as msny Irish themed builds as I can from the stash. I also had the very same thought about the road block. Wouldnt have taken very much to make a boreen impassable maybe also with a bit of a fallen tree or similar. I happily have the very stuff in stock.

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Paul, that’s a really nice model. I like the finish on the car and the ground work.
Will be interesting to see how it all comes together with the figures.
Not a period we see modelled very often. Always good to see something completely different.

Thank you very much Stephen.
“Roadblock” in place. It will need to be incorporated into the base a bit more but overall I’m happy with the look

Also working on the figures. The distinctive colour of National Atmy uniforms is a bit of a mare to capture and Im not quiet sure on these just yet.


Calling it done Couldnt get the 2 figures to work, so went with one looking pensively off base. My figure painting needs a lot of work, but thats the point of a hobby.


That is awesome, love it!

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Thank you very much Steve

Looks good. :+1:

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Nice to see this all finished up Paul. The tones of the scene reminds me of a rainy day on a rural road somewhere and I think you’ve captured the look of the countryside well with bits of grass and weeds and wildflowers as well as stones and rocks. The dirt of the Model T ties it all in well and the soldier looking miffed at the roadblock is a neat finishing touch.

In terms of your figure-work you have done well- the painting is neat and accurate and that’s a significant portion of the battle!

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Ryan , Karl, thank you both very much.


Looks great. Well done.
I like it, especially with the lone figure with his revolver. It looks cold, wet and miserable and he looks like he’d rather be anywhere but there.

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