Irish Tank Man

An idea inspired by Tiananmen Square but set in Dublin.


This happened?
Using tanks to quell demonstrations?


They did use tanks in Dublin in 1919.

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Yes, In Ireland there was a mix of Medium Mark A Whippets and Medium Mark B Whippets (an entirely different beast!) while Medium Mark Cs (“Hornets” - another entirely different machine) were sent to Liverpool and Glasgow (in the latter case they were kept out of sight and were not seen on the streets). Captured Medium Mark As (and Mk IVs) were used during civil unrest in Germany until scrapped in accordance with the Treaty of Versailles, while a single Medium Mark A was sent to South Africa to suppress “Labour Unrest” and it’s still there…



Fantastic little scene @tanstaafler.

Different, and Very nicely done!

Well Done… Nicely understated, and an under-represented subject period.

Thanks. The Whippet is the Takom kit.


Not just used to quell demos. Also used to takeout buildings etc.

Pic is from a FB page I’m a member of. Tank used in the demolition of a building in Cork after it was torched by Crown forces during the War of Independence 1919-1921

In 1919 Germany, Freikorps troops used rebuild A7V and Ehrhardt Panzerwagen during the unrests then.

Beautifully done there! Excellent all around

Beautiful work . So simple in the way it is displayed but so big and powerful at the same time