Iron Camel | Armorama™

One of my favourite theatres of war and a fantastic little diorama from modelling friend Dimitris Xeroudakis and his fantastic diorama of the Iron Camel

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As usual with Robbo Roberts, minimal service: no infos about kit used, no scale, even no clue to find more about the modeller, like forum, website, social media.
Your inspirations are very nice, usefull, but you need to finish the job if you want this becoming very great!

Nice little vignette. I seldom read much about the builds unless it’s something that really interests me. Sometimes it’s nice to look at something and appreciate it for what it is. A lot of modelers at contests put absolutely everything they can (and sometimes add to it) on their little registration forms. It’s wasted effort on me 95% of the time, bad grammar and spelling notwithstanding, (Those things don’t bother me, especially from non English speakers - I mention it only because the punctuation police mad a brief appearance and then deleted his post.