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Magic Factory announced a first plastic model in the company's portfolio, featuring air defense system "Iron Dome". Check out the company's press release and promo images!

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Wow; there’s a lot going on in the modelling world at the moment! I’ve never heard of Magic Factory I must admit.

Not for me (I’ll stay in my Cold War comfort zone) but I’m sure this will interest those who enjoy AD models. It looks like an interesting and well detailed model.

A very interesting and most welcome release.

Looks interesting for Anti air enthusiasts… How is it transported ?

Looks interesting. This could be a nice kit.

It is a flatrack transported by a US M1120 LHS, M1074 PLS, or a UK Foden DROPS type system.



There go my plans of scratch-building one…

Loaded on a US M1120A4 LHS.


Cheers Gino :+1:… Is the 1120 in kit form ?

Sort of.

Both Trumpeter and Italeri does the older M1120A2 version. Trumpeter’s is better. I used parts of the Italeri kit (Trumpeter’s wasn’t out yet) a few years ago to build my M1074 PLS.

The Iron Dome is mounted on the latest M1120A4 version, which there is no kit of. There are parts on Shapeways to convert the A2 into an A4. They are quite pricey though.

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Nobody will keep you from doing so… :slight_smile:

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Now this is cool and a must have for me. As other have mentioned, never heard of Magic Factory. I guess another Chinese company.

I was expecting this given the system’s regular appearance on news due to its importance in the latest hostilities and its relatively simple structure which makes it easier to model.



Iron dome (AFP)


Wow, finally comes the plastic kit ver. of this system! Can’t wait to get my one!

Photo by Darrel Ames of the USMC’s “Iron Dome” SHORAD SAM system via Defence Blog.

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The above is the resupply/reload vehicle. The whole rocket pod box comes off and reloads onto the launcher as a unit, like a single magazine on a rifle. The crane on the back of the truck is to load and unload the pod.

The launcher is a flatrack carried on an M1120A4 LHS, as shown above.

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By the way, both the Magic Factory and Trumpeter Iron Dome models are now available on eBay.

The Magic Factory one also includes a couple of female Israeli soldiers as well.


Thanks, Gino, for the information and the posting move.

A bit off topic here…why is the Iron Dome launch trailer a success and the FMTV Multimission Launcher is not?

Aren’t they the same Iron Dome 15-round box launcher but on a 6x6 FMTV tactical truck? I’d acquire MML ASAP even if the AIM-9Xs overheat inside the box.

Are the Trumpeter and Magic Factory kits the same, or different toolings?

Michael :israel: :stuck_out_tongue:

Completely different kits.

Thanks! Any opinion on which is better?

Michael :israel: :stuck_out_tongue: