IS Improvised vehicle

Hi all, I am new to posting in this community. I just would like to come back to share some of my models. Sometime ago I wanted to try unconventional vehicles found on the web, so here it is a makeshift Ford pick-up used by IS in eastern Syria around 2016.


Well done.

Welcome aboard.

Good looking technical. :+1::+1:

Welcome ! Wow that’s excellent Stefano. Great job on the figure too!

Really unique and eye-catching!

The tonal sand colors really make this stand out as does the excellent weathering and the colorful clothes on your figure. I really like how the wheels turn.

Excellent job!

Nit-picking, but would the truck be able to support the combined weight of the steel box, and the turret? Plus crew, and stowed ammo? Maybe build the truck chassis with the rear suspension really depressed.
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Hi, the inspiration came from the web, according to what I found pick-ups were given this sort of box plus BMP-1 turrets; the tank bodies were preferred as armored bomb vehicles to attack road blocks and Western contingent settlements. The turrets were then reused on easy-to-maintain pick-ups for guerrilia tactics.

This is another example:


Tough trucks!! :+1:
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I’d like to add my technical knowledge since my regular job is selling accessories for trucks. All you would need to do is buy Add a leaf and a set of Airlift Airbags 7500’s and a wireless compressor to fix the ride height. That’s is a 2500/3500 (can’t count the rear leaf springs but that’s the easiest way to tell the difference.

It does look like what we call a “service body” which utility companies add to this 3/4 and 1 ton trucks though I’d recommend building this on a dually since they’ll handle the extra weight easily.

Add a def delete and a chip to boost the horsepower and I think you’re covered.

My shop does all that minus the delete and a chip, PM to let me fix up your rig. Those be advised my toppers are only fiberglass and I don’t have a way to source the turret. However it is Montana where I’m at so there might be one around on Craigslist lol.

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Wow! What an introduction! Very nicely done. And yes, those trucks can handle it. I did a very similar one on the archived Armorama using the same turret on an open I-beam box, also taken from photos.

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